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U.S. Employer’s Guide 26 - 19th Edition

Not only does the U.S. Employer’s Guide cover federal employment laws, but it also provides an overview of state regulations on key topics. Here you will find clear, plain-English explanations of complex laws, regulations, and court decisions.
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U.S. Employer’s Guide 26 - 19th Edition
A Handbook of Employment Laws and Regulations

ISBN: 9781599595726
Format: Looseleaf in Binder
Updated: 2014

Whether you’re a business owner, supervisor, manager, or human resources professional, the U.S. Employer’s Guide from Blue Gavel Press provides you with the information necessary to understand the technical and legal aspects of the employment relationship.

Inside the U.S. Employer’s Guide you will find clear, plain-English explanations of complex laws, regulations, and court decisions. In addition to federal employment laws, the guide offers an overview of state regulations on key topics concerning the employer-employee dynamic.

The U.S. Employer's Guide contains 10 chapters, providing an in-depth look at the most important aspects of the employment relationship, including: Hiring; Managing Employees and Personnel Costs; Termination of Employment; Health and Safety; Employment Discrimination; Wages, Hours, and Child Labor; Employee Benefits and Leave; Workplace Privacy; and Unions and Government Contractors.

Doing business in today's world becomes more complicated with each passing year. Not only is it necessary to keep up with employment laws as they are enacted, but it is also important to anticipate changes in these legal arenas that might be forthcoming. Helping small businesses to keep up with these changes is what Blue Gavel Press is all about.

Please note: The price of $339.95 covers the current edition in its binder and one annual update, providing you with two years of vital compliance information. You can rest easy, knowing that when it is time for the next edition, you will automatically receive updated contents to insert in the distinctive Blue Gavel Press binder.   



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